Here is the list of the top 7 shopping malls to visit in Los Angeles.

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Glendale Galleria Mall

The mall is one of the largest and most numerous Popular in the city, they have more than 200 stores, a wonderful food court, eateries, and many more things.

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Hollywood & Highland Mall

Located on Hollywood Boulevard, the Hollywood Mall boasts famous tourist attractions in Los Angeles such as the Walk of Fame and the Dolby Theater.

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The Grove Mall

The Grove may only have 50 stores, but it's still a great place to shop. It's one of Los Angeles' favorite shopping spots and offers the perfect atmosphere.

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Westfield Century City Mall

The mall has around 180 stores, ranging from popular high-end retailers to more affordable and pocket-friendly retailers, and has a huge food court with over 30 different food items.

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Beverly Center Mall

The shopping mall has luxury stores and more than 50 stores, eateries, and restaurants. Also hosting occasional events, make sure you visit the celebrity vault.

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FIGat7th Mall

This open-air shopping mall in Los Angeles is located in the financial district and also has a gym and a cycling studio that regularly host holiday-themed events.

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The Block Mall

Block is an open-air project and features stores and eateries. They also offer a curbside option where you can place your orders via call or app and then have your orders delivered to your car.

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