Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and a hidden gem. Spectacular views, narrow streets, delicious food.

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OXBO Urban Bar & Grill

OXBO Urban Bar & Grill is a modern steakhouse that brings premium United States cuisine to Zagreb's dining scene.


Agave Restaurant

A little hidden gem that requires visitors to climb 39 steps to enter the agave, is located in the heart of the city.

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Chateau des Jardins

Although the name promises French cuisine with a wide variety of pizzas served in a tastefully designed, cozy atmosphere.

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Dubravkin put

Dubraph input A gourmet restaurant located in Dubruk input Tuscanak, a few steps from Zagreb's Old City.

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Elixir - Raw Food Club

If you're looking for somewhere curious and unusual, Elixir is the place to try a vegan raw food restaurant that uses organic and fresh ingredients.

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Ivica i Marica Pastry Shop

Growing out of a small pastry shop in Croatia, Evita Imarika Hansel and Gretel today stands for a quality brand known for its health awareness.

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Pod Zidom Bistro

As its name suggests, Pod Item is located on a small street called Pods and is a coffee and wine bar with less emphasis on exquisite dishes.

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