If you visit Los Angeles, California, this is a list of some great restaurants.

Image: DLA

IMAGE: The Line

Openaire at Line

Openair is an elegant brunch spot that makes you feel like you're stepping into a modern greenhouse.


IMAGE: Open Table

Republic Restaurant

There is a very tasty breakfast menu filled with waffles, pastries, and sandwiches.


IMAGE: Open Table

Catch LA Restaurant

Catch LA is a popular restaurant on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles with a celebrity clientele. And it has beautiful gardens too.


IMAGE: Vogue

The Butcher's Daughter

Don't be fooled by the name. This Venice restaurant does not sell meat.


IMAGE: Vogue

The Butcher's Daughter

It has a variety of vegan, actually meat lovers eat too at this restaurant.

IMAGE: Open Table

Ivory on Sunset Restaurant

Ivory is the Mondrian Hotel's restaurant, which is conveniently just a whisper away from the Sky Bar. Two for one!