The most popular list of nightclubs in Los Angeles

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Sound Nightclub is one of the best EDM events in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Sound Nightclub


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They always have a wide range of electronic music DJs, from house to bass to trap and more.

Sound Nightclub

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The Cicada Club proudly presents the finest vintage dance orchestra.

Cicada Restaurant


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Along with this, the nightclub and restaurant provide entertainment for a most elegant and romantic evening of fine dining and dancing.

Cicada Restaurant

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A typical night at The Mayan in Los Angeles, California This club is huge!

The Mayan


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Three levels, all kinds of music, and lots of bare skin are available in this nightclub.

The Mayan

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This bar has so much history that it is a true gem.

La Cita Bar


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The Family of Light playing La Cita in Los Angeles is very famous.

La Cita Bar

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If you want to make some moments of your life beautiful, So don't miss this club when you visit Los Angeles.

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