Are you thinking about where to visit in Europe? Here is a list of some stunning tourist destinations in Europe.

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Image: Girona

Visit the castle to relax on the lake across the bridge of Bizzolo and see the beautiful Monastery de San Pedro.


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From the top of the 604-meter cliff, you will get the most dramatic views that any fjord in Norway has to offer.


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The mighty Matterhorn is 4478 meters tall and is thought to be at least 15 million years old, which makes it instantly recognizable.


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Breathtaking views include buildings in France and the waves crashing on the sea in winter.

White Cliffs of Dover

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In a river valley in south-eastern France, one of the world's great valleys, the landscape is very powerful.

Verdon Gorge

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Iceland has to be the most dramatic of the natural wonders of Europe.

Gullfoss, Iceland

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This is a series of centuries-old seaside towns in each of five towns, with colorful houses.

Cinque Terre