The place boasts magnificent architecture and breathtaking views of the surrounding areas.

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A city where iguanas roam freely in a park surrounded by concrete jungles.

Guajira Peninsula

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It's incredibly beautiful, full of birds and butterflies, and only 2 hours from Quito, the capital of Ecuador!


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It's one of the most popular beach destinations for Ecuadorians and one of North America's growing numbers of "snowbirds."


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The Quilotoa crater was formed when a large volcanic eruption in 1280 created the Quilotoa lagoon!

Quilotoa Loop

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This place is known for its long-standing residents, beautiful views, and mild climate.



This place is perfect for those who love extreme sports and an active vacation, but it also offers hot springs for those who want to relax.


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This city has budget-friendly options in the bustling historic center, but it's not just the location and amenities of these accommodations that make them the best places to stay in Quito.


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On Saturdays, the market takes place from the city center to the suburbs, with ponchos, quilts, fruit, and more!

Otavalo market

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This is a beautiful town three hours outside of Ecuador's capital.

White water rafting

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The natural wonders of the Galapagos Archipelago have inspired and amazed its visitors.

Galapagos Island