Some places in India give you a Home feeling during Christmas Time.

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Goa is spectacular on Christmas Eve with twinkling lights all around, people gathering for midnight mass and celebrations happening all over the city.


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The carol singing, decorations, and heart-warming hospitality showcase the spirit of Shillong during the festival.


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Pondicherry is known for its French ancestry and Terai has some beautiful churches.


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Kerala has a strong Christian population and there are numerous churches throughout the state.


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Mumbai has a strong Catholic population and Hill Road is lavishly decorated with flowers and lights at Christmas time.


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Kolkata's churches are decorated, the streets are lit and people of all ages go shopping during Christmas time.



They have many churches built by Europeans, with British or French influences, and have their own unique traditions for celebrating Christmas in India.


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The Union Territory of India has a Portuguese connection. Many cultural shows are held here, including Portuguese dance forms such as Corrindinho.

Daman and Diu


Manali is known for celebrating white Christmas in India.


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The Indian state has a strong Christian population. Greetings were exchanged during Christmas celebrations in Mizoram.