There are many reasons to visit Thailand, from its stunning golden beaches to its legendary Thai cuisine, which is fresh and fragrant.

Phat Thai

This dish of thin rice noodles stir-fried with egg, tofu, and shrimp and served with fish sauce, sugar, tamarind, vinegar, and dry chili later reigned


Tom Yum Shrimp Soup

ThThe combination of fatty prawns and a tangy, spicy soup results in an unusual but delicious and distinctly Thai amalgam.

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Laab - Larb

This food, cooked with roasted rice powder, lemon juice, fish sauce, and fresh herbs, must be eaten with sticky rice.


Khao soi

This noodle soup, made with lime, chopped pickles, and crunchy pickled vegetables, provides a pleasant contrast. rich and full of spices.

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Som Tam Thai

This dish of raw papaya strips is pounded in a mortar and pestle with tomatoes, long beans, chili, lime, and fish sauce.

Ian benities

Phat kaphrao

This food is made with stir-fried meat, holy basil (known as Kafrau), and generous helpings of fresh chilies and garlic.

Thai Green Curry

There's probably no better starting point than this intersection of a piquant herbal spice paste and rich coconut milk. Remember to do as the Thais and couple the curry with a plate of jasmine


Thai Salads: Yum

This Thai "salad," which combines meat or seafood with a tangy/spicy dressing and fresh herbs, is paired with minced pork and shrimp.

Healthy thai Recipes

Kai yang

Thai-style grilled chicken is famous for marinating the bird in a unique mixture of fish sauce, coriander root, and garlic.

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Khao Phat 

The variations are endless, and the dish is often the result of improvisation, but it is a staple at a seafood restaurant. The simple yet delicious Khao Phut Puu is spread all over the country.