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These delicious crescent-shaped dumplings come with all kinds of fillings like minced meat, Mushrooms, sauerkraut, and mashed potatoes or sweet quark

1. Pierogi


Golabki is wrapped in cabbage leaves and often stuffed with minced pork and rice.

2. Gołąbki


If you only remember one thing about it, make it this: Polish food is what it depends on. So much for potatoes. Mashed potatoes, boiled Soup with potatoes, soup with potatoes In dumplings, for example.

3. Placki ziemniaczane


Foreigners are used to their tanginess. Avoid spicy, fermented vegetables like pickles or sauerkraut. They are not only consumed in Poland. Then Poland must be a very healthy nation!

4. Ogórki kiszone

Kuchnia Domowa

The list of Poland's characteristics would be incomplete without kielbasa (sausage), or shabuwi (breaded pork cutlet). Although the former is more widespread.

5. Kiełbasa


Bigos contains everything. You can think of many more. This dish is commonly called "Hunter's Stew."

6. Bigos


Possibly Poland's most beloved street food Zipkinka is a baked open sandwich made from a white baguette, similar to a French bread pizza.

7. Zapiekanka

This characteristic, spindle-shaped swarm, The cheese comes from the Podhale region in the south of Poland.

8. Oscypek


Regardless of the season, no family dinner in Poland is complete without a nourishing soup, be it rosó (broth), pomidorowa (tomato soup), Zurek (sour rye soup), or barszcz (beetroot borsch).

9. Zupy

Polish your kitchen

Smalec is made of lard with crispy bits. Pork skin and seasoning. Smalec is often served as a starter or complimentary snack in traditional Polish restaurants.

10. Smalec