The original Sarma is prepared with pickles made from vine leaves or with cabbage, minced meat, and rice, but there are some variations, and it can be minced fish meat


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A must-try in Serbia is Ćevapi. It is a finger-sized piece of meat. Served with chopped onions, it is excellent. blend into the world,

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Burek is a rather controversial dish among the Serbs. Because there is a great dilemma about whether there is only true Borek With meat or with cheese.

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Karadjordjeva snicla

It is prepared with pork or beef stuffed with kajmak and deep-fried with a coat of flour, dipped in beaten eggs, and rolled in breadcrumbs.

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Gabnica is a cheese pie that Serbs eat for breakfast, dinner, or sometimes for breakfast. If mom is working late, it would be good for lunch too. Basically, they can eat it anytime,

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Punjena Paprika

Punjena Paprika means Stuffed Paprika, and that's exactly what the stuffing is like. Sirma is minced meat with rice. It is then cooked in a pot. The bigger the paprika, the tastier the dish.

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Čvarci (or just čvarak in the singular) is. something like pork fat and flavor They are much better than they sound. They are perfect with something spicy. Some dairy products are mostly homemade and completely organic.

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Kaj Mak is a side dish. made from milk. It is similar to cheese, but it is No, that's better.

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It is made with red paprika and cane. be it neutral or spicy. Ajur should be eaten with everything, whether or not you spread some of it on a piece of bread; it's also great as a gift.

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