5 Gems of Slovakia, where you have to travel once if you are a lover of Natural beauty

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If you're a fan of medieval history, don't hesitate to step into this beautiful little country.

Medieval Castles

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Slovakia has the highest number of castles and palaces per capita in the world.

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Slovak Paradise 300 km of marked trails stretch across this enchanting national park.

Medieval Castles

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every walk feels like an adventure, making it a popular gem for hikers.

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The old town is visually appealing, with an old maze of streets, squares, lots of great historical sites to explore.


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It is one of the most populated and beautiful cities in Slovakia.

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Slovakian folklore refers to the life cycle of the country's farmers, artisans, and shepherds, with many folk festivals.

Folklore & Tradition

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People of this city celebrate throughout the year with music and dance in many folk festivals.

Folklore & Tradition

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As one of the high and low tantras, the landscape of the country is mainly known for its mountainous nature.

Folklore & Tradition

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This city is situated on the north side of the country, along with amazing views of mountains.