This incredible island is located off the African coast in the Atlantic Ocean and is part of Portugal.

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If you want to visit Madeira, you should spend some time at Ponta do Sol beach.

Ponta do Sol

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Restaurants and bars are everywhere, as the weather in Ponta do Sol is famous for its abundance of sunshine.

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This is where the combination of rocks, sea, and nature created a masterpiece of Mother Nature.

Ponta de São Lourenço

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This place is situated on eastern Madeira Island. The blue water of the sea makes you more eager to travel to this place.

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Its stunning Cabo Girao and viewpoint are the highest point in Europe at 580 m.

Cabo Girão 

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it is famous for its suspended glass platform.

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It is a beautiful place, and there is nothing to do, enjoy the landscape, find the best trees, walk around.

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This forest is famous for its beautiful fog, which will give you a totally unique feeling!

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Located in a mountainous area, its main economic activities are related to agriculture and rural tourism accommodation.

Ribeira da Janela

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In this area, you will find a pebble beach as well as parking spaces, toilet facilities, and showers.