Guatemala offers breathtaking landscapes, Mayan culture, lush jungles, arid highlands, and ancient ruins.

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Antigua is a historic capital with beautiful colonial mansions, ancient churches, and local street vendors.


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This place also has some UNESCO World Heritage Centers, which attract tourists.


Tikal is one of the largest ancient sites in Mesoamerica, Guatemala.


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Its vast passageways and impressive pyramids draw tourists from around the world.

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Volcano Acatenango, located near the city of Antigua.

Acatenango Volcano

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It is one of the most difficult hikes in Guatemala due to the mountain's high summit.

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Livingston is a hidden jewel on Guatemala's Caribbean coast that can only be reached by boat.


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The town is the center of the Garifuna people and culture, and in the past decade, they have tried very hard to boost the tourism industry.

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Semuc Champey, known for its beautiful waters nestled in the lush jungles of Guatemala.

Semuc Champey


It is one of the country's most popular tourist destinations, especially among young travelers.