Ballygally castle hotel

This hotel was built in the 17th century in Northern Ireland.


Château de Marçay

This hotel, situated in France, is a gorgeous and thrilling 15th-century hotel.

Sorrento Hotel

The hotel, which opened in 1909, is in the United States.

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The Taj Mahal Palace

This is an Indian hotel that opened in 1903, making it the first hotel in India to offer luxurious amenities at the time.

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Dalhousie Castle Hotel

This is a Spanish hotel that first welcomed guests in 1972.

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1886 Crescent Hotel 

This US hotel was begun in the year 1886. This hotel is also called the "house of the ghost of Michael," who died during the construction.

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Fairmont Banff Springs

This Canadian hotel was started in the late 1880s when a bride died on her wedding day. People think the bride’s soul is still there.

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The Mermaid Inn

This hotel is situated in England, and every room in this hotel has its own ghost story.

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Langham Hotel

This hotel is situated in London, England. This hotel, which was built in 1865, is well-known for its unusual phenomena.

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Parador de Jaén

This is a Spanish hotel. This hotel is haunted by the ghosts of a crying woman and a prisoner.

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