Anchorage is located in the mountainous south of Alaska and is home to approximately 40% of Alaska's population.


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Dalton Highway

History of the North Slope Hole Road to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska; North America's largest oil field.


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Denali Star Train

Riding the Alaska Railroad is by far one of the top things to do in Alaska. A train ride is a great way to experience Alaska's scenery and sites without doing anything.


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Kodiak Island

Kodiak is beautiful and less commercial. Some other ports, like Juneau or Ketchikan, The walk to Fort Abercrombie was nice.


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Indigenous Culture

Despite Africa's rapid modernization, there are still tribes that live in isolated settlements and have maintained their customs and traditions over the centuries.


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Kenai Fjords National Park

If you are going to travel to the Kenai Fjords in Alaska and see the local glaciers, whales, and bears,


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The Northern Lights

Alaska's Epic Northern Lights—Colorful Aurora Borealis Witness Alaska's epic Northern Lights


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Mendenhall Glacier

See the natural beauty of the Mendenhall Glacier just outside of Juneau, Alaska. Experience the majestic Mendenhall Glacier, one of the main attractions around Juneau, Alaska.


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Denali National Park

Denali National Park in Alaska, USA, is much more than a mountain! It was the first national park established to protect wildlife.


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Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay National Park is a 3.3 million-acre US national park located in southeast Alaska, just west of Juneau.


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