Top 10 East African Towers of the Future


Here is the List of the Top 10 Tallest East African Towers of the Future. South African cities were dominated by skyscrapers, but this has changed in the last decade, with many cities in other African countries such as Kenya, Egypt, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Tanzania going Now home to some of the tallest buildings on the continent, many towers are planned and under construction. Construction in East Africa These towers differ from their older compatriots in that they are much taller and more advanced than today’s towers and are constructed using advanced technology that guarantees safety, comfort, and long-term durability for all.

#1. Kigali Financial Square Rwanda

Top 10 Tallest East African Towers of the Future

Rwanda announces plans to build a financial center in 2020. Africa and the world are connecting Africans with businessmen and investors around the world, which in turn will create more jobs and career development opportunities for Africans to build the two towers.

The Kigali Central Business District is expected to be completed within two years and is being financed by Equity Group, a financial institution that is expected to support the government. Efforts to transform Kigali into Kenya’s financial hub The 224-story buildings in the city center host a hotel, apartments, Grade A offices, and other retail space with major financial institutions.

#2. The Dahab Tower Somalia

Top 10 Tallest East African Towers of the Future
Credit: YouTube

Dahab Tower is a new high-rise mixed-use property owned by Dahab Real Estate. Located in one of the most prestigious districts of Mogadishu, Dahab Towers’ prominent location and fearless design make a statement while complementing the architectural landscape.

The first five floors of the saloon, a mosque, and a secure parking yard are dedicated to a luxury mall that will be one of a kind in the region. Which will provide an easy shopping experience with fine dining cafes, fast food, health, and beauty services that will ease the shopping experience from its architectural grandeur to its innocent beauty. There is much to admire about the Dahab Tower, even in its most modest interior detail.

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#3. Mbaazi Towers

Top 10 Tallest East African Towers of the Future
Credit: asperadesign

Earlier this year, Kenya-based architecture firm aSpira Design was selected to design a high-rise building. Called Mbaazi Towers, the mixed-use development is situated on two acres of land in West lands, Nairobi, with exquisitely designed retail avenues, a 230-room hotel, 30 serviced-bedroom apartments, and 110 two- and three-bedroom apartments spanning 35 floors. There are three basements and three bedrooms. Podium Floor Towers’ y-shaped design benefits from three key directional views on high floors. No. 10 Nairobi Condominiums, Kenya 88 Nairobi Condominiums is a 44-story residential skyscraper under construction in the Upper Hills neighborhood of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city.

The condominium, which is expected to become the tallest residential structure in Africa, is being built on an acre of land in Upper Hilton, about 3.5 kilometers from the city’s central business district. Business Center Three resident bars lavish communal lounges, a heated indoor swimming pool, and parking space for 518 vehicles. The building has a total of 288 luxury condominiums, 15,000 square feet of rentable space, and a garden. 18000 square feet in size, designed by Turkish architects MSA The country building will cost more than $50 million to complete.

#4. Kazanchis Tower Ethiopia

Top 10 Tallest East African Towers of the Future
Cridet: Addis Herald

The Tower of Kazanchis, Ethiopia, is spread over a plot of land measuring 5743 square meters. R2 Tower is a 44-story building located in the neighborhood of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and is dedicated to residential properties and retailers, with three residential houses and four-bedroom apartment blocks as well as commercial spaces for retailers. The 219-meter tower is being built by China State Construction Engineering. With the construction work, the corporation is expected to take six years to complete.

#5. Djibouti Towers

Top 10 Tallest East African Towers of the Future
Cridet: wizhevsky

Two identical futuristic buildings have been designed by a Russian architect, Alex Vysovsky. The 43-story Djibouti architectural design buildings are expected to attract a large number of tourists, and the investment design buildings are expected to attract a large flow of tourists and investment in East Africa. And will also promote the country’s tourism sector, the design of the tower symbolizes the state symbols. The country and its emblem carry the national heritage of the people of the Republic of Djibouti.

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#6. Mesob Tower Ethiopia

Top 10 Tallest East African Towers of the Future
Top 10 East African Towers of the Future

Mesob¬†Tower is a proposed 70-story mixed-use development located on Mozambique Street in the Kirkos Sub-City in the country’s capital, Addis Ababa, which is also expected to serve as a tourist attraction. The project will contribute to the expansion of Ethiopia’s market communication, hotel, and tourism industries and promote culture. The exchange is expected to cost the building. Ethiopia is about $600 million.

According to the architect, the design of Meson Tower is unique and reflects the culture of Ethiopia. Public-Private Partnership, Progress Toward Completion It will contribute to the arrival of tourists and also improve the positive image of the country. Basic economic activity alone cannot sustain a growing population, currently over 100 million. Thus, it is important to engage in profitable businesses like hotels and the like. Diversification of sources of tourism and foreign exchange earnings is essential to achieving the goal of developing the country. Favorite tourist destinations are successful.

#7. Abyssinia Ethiopia

Top 10 Tallest East African Towers of the Future
Credit: skyscrapercity

Abyssinia Tower, Ethiopia In May 2022, Abyssinia Bank signed a $400 million contract with the China State Construction Engineering Company (CSCC). The Chinese company was chosen to handle the construction of the tallest building in East Africa and the second tallest building in Africa, thanks to its commendable work on the CB Tower, the African Union, and many other buildings in the city, among thousands of others.

Ta da! Here is success! Projects from around the world include office spaces in the tower’s main building, a podium nine stories above ground, a lobby area, a mall cinema, a lecture hall, as well as a garden above the building’s underground floors, according to bank officials. mechanical parking area, vault and equipment room, and vehicle lobby area.

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#8. Upper Hill Square Kenya

Top 10 Tallest East African Towers of the Future
Credit: Medium

The Upper Hill Square building is 219 meters high with 40 apartment floors. Seven floors are used for offices, two floors for penthouses. At the top of the tower are mechanics, a sky lounge, and an observatory deck with a spectacularly designed top. Visitors have uninterrupted views of the city skyline. Once fully completed, Upper Hill Square will be one of the tallest buildings in Africa.

#9. Kampala Tower, Uganda

Top 10 Tallest East African Towers of the Future
Credit: architectsjournal

Kampala Tower, also known as Uganda and its largest city, Situated on 15 acres of land, the 60-story building has approximately 100,000 square meters of retail and office space that can accommodate 12,500 people, and other major amenities stand 300 meters away and cost about $956 million in Kampala today. Is. Once fully completed, the tower will serve as the headquarters of Uganda’s Ministry of Tourism.

#10. Pinnacle Tower Kenya

Top 10 Tallest East African Towers of the Future
Credit: CNN

Two major investors based in Dubai are Petroleum and White Lotus. The Pinnacle Tower Project is a construction project located in Upper Hill, a fast-growing financial center in the capital city of Nairobi, Kenya. The basement parking and dining zone will be a three-story luxury mall with a $200 million helipad.

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