The Most Expensive Buildings In The World


Take a look at The Most Expensive Buildings In The World, and trust me, these buildings will blow your mind and your wallet. So here are the top 5 most expensive buildings in the world. From the Great Mosque of Mecca to Apple Park, these buildings are marvels of modern engineering and technology and have historical and cultural significance.

#1 Masjid al-Haram

The Most Expensive Buildings In The World
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Masjid al-Haram (The Great Mosque Of Mecca): Finally, the world’s most expensive building, drum roll, please…Trump Tower! Just kidding, it’s Masjid al-Haram – also known as the Great Mosque of Mecca, which cost $100 billion. Various donations and information from the Saudi government and around the world The cost is not transparent. The mosque has an area of 3.8 million square feet (356,800 square meters) and can seat more than 1.5 million people at a time.

It requires a significant amount of material and labor, which contributes to high costs. Furthermore, the mosque is located in a desert environment, which requires special construction techniques and materials to ensure the stability and durability of the building. Another reason for the cost is the ongoing expansion and modernization of the infrastructure. The government is investing in new technology and modern systems to provide the best facilities to visitors, including air conditioning, elevators, escalators, electronic gates, etc. Included. 

Modern facilities.  Moreover, the mosque is considered one of the holiest places in Islam, so the Saudi government is spending a lot of money to expand it and provide the best facilities to the pilgrims, including accommodations, transportation, and other facilities. Services are needed to accommodate millions of pilgrims during the Hajj season.

It is the largest mosque in the world and surrounds the Kaaba, Islam’s holiest site. It is located in the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and is the focal point of the Hajj, which takes place every year in the Islamic month of Dhul-Hijjah. The mosque is also a destination for Umrah, which can be performed at any time of the year. But did you know that the mosque has undergone several expansions and renovations over the centuries? The most recent was in 2020, when Saudi Arabia announced that it would spend $1.3 billion on mosque expansion, including the construction of a new mosque building.

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accommodating an additional 1.2 million worshipers as well as installing air conditioning and other modern facilities. The Great Mosque of Mecca is not only a religious place but also has historical significance. It is believed to have been built by the Prophet.

Abraham and his son Ishmael It is also the place where the first revelation was revealed to the Prophet of Islam. The Kaaba, Islam’s holiest site, is located at the center of the mosque and is the holiest site in Islam. The Kaaba is a cube-shaped structure and is covered in a black silk and gold curtain called a Kiswah. The Great Mosque of Mecca is truly a marvel of modern engineering and technology and is an important destination for Muslim pilgrims from all over the world. It is a place of great spiritual significance and a must-see for anyone interested in history, religion, or architecture.

#2 Abraj Al Bait

The Most Expensive Buildings In The World
Credit: ZamZam

Number 2 on the list is Abraj Al Bait. The cost of building the in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, has not been widely disclosed. However, it was reported that the complex cost about US$15 billion to build. Abraj Al Bait is a complex of seven skyscraper hotels built on the city’s historic Grand Mosque (Masjid al-Haram). The development, also known as the “Mecca Royal Clock Tower“, consists of several skyscrapers, including the third tallest building in the world, the Mecca Royal Clock Tower.

Abraj Al Bait was built by the Saudi Bin Laden Group and was completed in 2012. The complex includes a shopping mall and a mosque,rooms, and a five-star hotel, with a total capacity of over 100,000. The complex is particularly notable for the Mecca Royal Clock Tower, which is over 1,972 feet tall and has a total of 120 floors.

The clock face on the tower is the largest in the world, measuring 141 feet in diameter, and is also the most accurate clock in the world, correcting to within one second every 20 million years! The clock tower also has the highest elevator in the world, which reaches the top in just one minute and offers a beautiful view of Mecca. The complex also houses the world’s largest hotel carpet and the world’s largest chandelier. Abraj Al Bait is not only a marvel of modern engineering and technology but also has religious and historical significance. As it is located just a stone’s throw from Islam’s holiest site, the Kaaba, this makes it an important site for the entire world.

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#3 Marina Bay Sands

The Most Expensive Buildings In The World
Credit: visitsingapore

Third on the list is Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands. The Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore cost about US$5.5 billion to US$6.2 billion to build. The building is not only a hotel but also has a shopping mall, a casino, and even an infinity pool that overlooks the city. It’s like a little piece of heaven, but you have to pay for it! Marina Bay Sands, or MBS for short, sits on the sparkling waters of Marina Bay in Singapore. At its grand opening in 2010, it made headlines as the world’s most expensive standalone casino property, costing a staggering S$8 billion. This luxury resort has 2,561 rooms.

Hotel, a massive 1.3 million square feet (120,000-sq-m) convention-exhibition center, an 800,000-sq-ft (74,000-sq-m) shopping mall, a museum, a large theater, a high-end “celebrity chef” restaurant, two floating crystal pavilions, exhibitions, and the world’s largest atrium casino with 500 tables and 1,600 slot machines. But that’s not all; the complex also has three towers topped by the Sands Sky Park. A skyway connecting the towers has a capacity of 3,900 people, and a 500-foot (150m) infinity swimming pool is set atop the world’s largest public cantilevered platform, which towers over the North Tower at 220 feet (66.5m). does.  The entire 50-acre (20-hectare) resort was designed and built by renowned architect Moshe Safdie. Not only to look at but also a masterpiece of design and engineering.

#4 Apple Park

The Most Expensive Buildings In The World
Credit: nationalgypsu

we have Apple Park in California, United States, coming in at $5 billion. The headquarters of tech giant Apple were first announced by Steve Jobs in 2006 and took eight years to complete. The campus consists of several buildings, but 80% of the land is still considered green space, with over 9,000 trees.

The park has a variety of eco-friendly features, including a solar-covered roof that generates up to 17 megawatts of electricity, a natural ventilation system, and a base isolation system to protect the main building from earthquakes. The main building, named “Spaceship” or “Ring,” It is four stories tall and has 1.2 million square feet of office space. The design incorporates a lot of glass, and the construction includes the world’s largest curved glass panes.

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The campus also includes a variety of lifestyle amenities, such as a gym, a wellness center, and a pair of basketball courts. The campus was designed by renowned architect Norman Foster and was completed in 2017. The campus covers 175 acres and houses more than 12,000 employees. Apple Park is not only a technological marvel, it is also a model of sustainable design and a perfect example of how a building can be both beautiful and environmentally friendly. This is a must-see for anyone interested in architecture, technology, or design.

#5 SoFi Stadium

The Most Expensive Buildings In The World
Credit: studio-knock LA

It opened in 2020 and serves as the home of the Los Angeles Rams and the NFL’s Los Angeles Chargers. With a seating capacity of 70,240, it is the NFL’s largest stadium and the most expensive stadium ever built, costing nearly $5 billion to build. The stadium also features a 6,000-seat performance venue, a rooftop terrace, a VIP club, and a variety of premium seating options.

It also has the world’s largest video display, standing 100 yards tall and 72 feet wide. SoFi Stadium also serves as a venue for concerts and other live events. Additionally, it is equipped with sustainable features such as solar panels, electric vehicle charging stations, and a gray water recycling system. SoFi Stadium also has a built-in drone landing pad, allowing the use of drones during events and games. The landing pad is located on the stadium’s roof and is intended for drones flown during the halftime show and other entertainment events by Verity Studios, the NFL’s official drone partner.

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