Saudi Arabia’s Next Mega Projects: Which Are Beyond The Thought


Are you a travel lover who always tries to experience something new and unique? So don’t worry, we are providing it in this article, Saudi Arabia’s Next Mega Projects, which are decided by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund authority. 

The Cube

Saudi Arabia's Next Mega Projects
(Saudi Arabia’s Next Mega Projects) Credit: Dezeen

First ‘The Line’ and ‘Oxagon‘, then ‘Dubai Circle‘ – now a giant cube.  Earlier this month, Saudi Arabia announced its latest project, Makaab. It is a cube so big that 20 Empire State Buildings can fit inside it. Saudi Arabia describes it as a “Gateway to another world” with a holographic dome that transports its visitors to other planets and magical worlds. But is this just a viral marketing stunt, or will the cube actually be built? And if so, when will it be opened to the public? See all the information about the cube here. Saudi Arabia is a rich country in the heart of the Middle East known for its vast oil reserves. But it is precisely the oil that Saudi Arabia wants to become less dependent on.

This is why they have announced and started building massive mega-projects under the slogan “Vision 2030” to gradually shift their economy away from oil and towards tourism. The largest of these projects is NEOM, a $1 trillion mega-project that includes a 170-kilometer-long Line City, a floating port city called Oxagon, and a major sky resort in the Arabian desert called Trojena. There have been some major updates on these projects. In January, NEOM’s CEO announced that the city’s total infrastructure was already 20% complete.


Saudi Arabia's Next Mega Projects
(Saudi Arabia’s Next Mega Projects) Credit: augustman

Huge construction sites, including Line, Oxagon, and Trojena Saudi Arabia has also partnered with some major companies, including Oracle and NVIDIA, that will help NEOM deploy Al technology across the city. As if the announcement of NEOM, including Line, Oxagon, and Trojena, was not enough, now there is another brand new project:

New Mukaab

Saudi Arabia's Next Mega Projects
Credit: travelandleisureasia

Welcome to New Murabba, the latest addition to Cube Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. NEOM has drawn much attention as the cube is the latest addition to Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. NEOM has attracted a lot of attention in the past few months, but Saudi Arabia doesn’t want to ignore the kingdom’s other major cities. That is why the New Murabba will be built in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh is already a rapidly developing city. 50 years ago, it was a town of less than half a million citizens, but now it has a population of more than seven million, making it the third largest city in the Middle East. And according to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the new Murabba project will become the largest modern city in the world. This new district is expected to take the development of Riyadh to another level. It has more than 80 attractions, several walking trails, a large museum, and at the center of it all:

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The Mukaab

Saudi Arabia's Next Mega Projects
(Saudi Arabia’s Next Mega Projects) Credit: firstpost

The Mukaab’ means ‘cube’ in Arabic, so the building will literally be called a cube. Creating simple geometric shapes on a crazy scale seems to be a theme for Saudi Arabia’s mega-projects after the line and the oxagon. The exterior of the cube is inspired by Najdi architecture, a traditional style used by the people of Saudi Arabia for hundreds of years. The beautiful surface will sparkle in the sun and dominate the Riyadh skyline. The scale of this cube is breathtaking. At 400 meters tall, it would technically count as a super-tall skyscraper. If placed in Dubai, it would be the fourth tallest building. But unlike other skyscrapers, The Mukaab is also 400 meters wide and will completely dominate the skyline. To put that into context, you can fit 20 Empire State Buildings inside a cube.

It will dwarf existing cube-shaped buildings in other parts of the world. For example, the Berlin Cube is a great office building in Germany. Its mirrored sides are fascinating, but it’s only 40 meters long; you could fit a thousand of them inside the cube. In terms of sheer volume, the cube could become the largest structure on Earth, easily beating the current record holder, the Boeing Everett Factory in Washington. In fact, it would be so big that a Boeing factory could fit about five times a cube, but what would all that space be used for?


Saudi Arabia's Next Mega Projects
Credit: theweek

Stepping inside the cube is like entering another world. A giant dome will tower over its visitors and display various virtual realities. These are considered holographic images. Make Mukaab visitors feel like they are in a different world.  In a second You could be at the bottom of the ocean one moment while, in another, you’re on the surface of Mars or in a magical fantasy world. In the center of the dome will be a spiral tower, which looks almost like an anthill or bracket of fungus rising from the floor to the ceiling.

The tower aims to be a great destination for tourists from all over the world. It will also have restaurants, hotel rooms, observation platforms, and cinemas and theaters. The tower and dome will then be surrounded by a large cube. The four corners of the cube will also be filled with amenities, housed in skyscraper towers. Along with the top, housing lakes and lawn trees will be used. Whether it makes sense to build a lake on it or is even possible is another matter.


Saudi Arabia's Next Mega Projects
Credit: poandpo

So why is the cube shaped like a cube? According to Mukaab’s designers, the cube-shaped design is the most efficient form to accommodate all the advanced technologies that will support the overall experience. How they intend to display the virtual world is not yet clear, but the technology will need to be hidden in the space between the dome of the bell jar and the outer cube. Between the dome and the shell, a strong array of joists and beams will also be needed to hold the gardens at the top of the cube. Skyscraper towers at each corner of the cube will also help provide support. If it is enough to support the largest roof in the world. And the garden above is questionable. The design of the cube shape is also to make the cube more popular. Mukaab will give Riyadh a unique location that will make the city instantly recognizable among other major cities in the world. It is like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Statue of Liberty in the major cities of the world. It is like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Statue of Liberty in New York. Whenever someone sees a picture of a cube, they will immediately think of Riaz. Still, the look has drawn quite a bit of criticism. Some People say it resembles the Kaaba in Mecca. Another city in Saudi Arabia The Kaaba is the holiest place in Islam. When a Muslim prays anywhere in the world, they make sure to face him. In general, the Mukaab project has been announced with great enthusiasm and fanfare. But everyone has the same question: will the cube actually be built?

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Will the cube really be built? Construction has not yet begun, but in theory, it will begin in the next few months. Saudi Arabia has promised that the project will be opened to the public in 2030, just like other Vision 2030 projects, including LINE, Oxagon, and Trojena. It’s probably easier to get the plan than the line. After all, it will be the biggest megaproject ever built. Therefore, its consequences are difficult to predict.

So let’s Break It Down Into 3 Different Scenarios:

Saudi Arabia's Next Mega Projects
Credit: Daily star

Scenario 1: This means that the construction of the cube will start in the next few months, and the 400-meter-tall cube will be completed by 2030, as they have announced. Riyadh will get its new icon and gradually attract more and more tourists from all over the world to become one of the most visited places on earth. If this all sounds too good to be true, that’s because there are many hurdles to overcome, which leads us to the second scenario: financiers know first-hand about the project’s feasibility.

They are suspicious. They cannot see where Saudi Arabia will get the money to build another ambitious mega-project. said Dr. Andreas Craig, an expert in Middle Eastern studies at King’s College London, A few days after Mukaab’s announcement, CNN asked the Public Investment Fund how they financed the project. The PIF responded that financial details have not yet been disclosed but that more information will be released soon.

Scenario 2: Much will depend on foreign investment. By 2030, Saudi Arabia hopes to bring in more than $100 billion a year, which will help finance projects like Mukaab. They are nowhere near that figure yet. But if enough hype is created, foreign investment can start to grow rapidly. But there is no guarantee that this will happen. Vision 2030 was accused of violating human rights. Amnesty International’s violations leave a scar on the entire project and could potentially scare away foreign investors.

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But even if Saudi Arabia raises the money, there is a much more difficult challenge to overcome: Is this mega-project even technically feasible? The hologram, as described in Mukaab’s announcement, does not yet exist. Some innovative companies, like Lightfield Labs, have built some big ones. Advances have been made in recent years, but holograms on the scale of Mukaab’s dome still sound like science fiction. A similar effect can probably be achieved using giant LED screens. That’s what’s happening and expected at MSG Sphere, a project currently under construction in Las Vegas. opened this year. The entertainment venue will be shaped like a giant sphere, with a wrap-around screen covering the entire inner wall. At 15,000 square meters, it will be the world’s largest screen, about the size of three football pitches.

It is designed to bring an immersive world to the circle audience, similar to Mukaab in Saudi Arabia. But there’s one big difference: the Mukaab screen must be at least twenty times larger than the one in the MSG Sphere, and it’s hard to know if a screen that big can actually be built Cube roof.  Millions of liters of water will significantly increase the pressure on the structure. So the cube has to be extremely strong and completely waterproof. If the lake leaks, it will have a devastating impact on the expensive technology directly downstream. In other words, Cube already faces some big challenges. Without the money to pay for it or the technology to support it, it’s likely to never end.

Scenario 3: But there is a third option, Maybe the cube will one day be built, but in a smaller size and in a less ambitious form. It can range in size from 400 meters to 200 meters or smaller. Even at 100 meters, it would still be the largest cube-shaped building in the world and an impressive sight to behold. Compared to current designs, it would be a disappointment, but nothing of course. It’s impossible to know what’s next, but one thing’s for sure: it’s shaping up to be an interesting few years. Come the late 2030s, Mukaab, Line, and other major projects may open their doors to the public.

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