Top 10 Best Tips How To Apply Visitor Visa For US And Passed Interview in 2023


So, hello everyone. If you are searching for How To Apply Visitor Visa For US And Passed Interview, you are in the right place. Nonimmigrant visas are valid for six months and are intended for family visits, students, work or transit, business, and tourism. Applicants must be reassured that they would only be in the nation for a few months before returning to their home country. How To Apply Visitor Visa For USA And Passed Interview, first you need to pay non-immigrant visa application costs $160. Keep in mind that not all banks will allow you to pay the application cost. They will provide you with information on which bank you must pay.

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How To Apply Visitor Visa For US And Passed
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Types Of Nonimmigrant Visa In USA

Visitors Visa

You must submit an application for a B-1 or B-2 visa, which allows you to visit the US for short-term leisure or business purposes. except when your home country is covered by the Visa Waiver program. If the customs officer grants you permission, you may stay in the United States for six months. You can request extensions for just one year if you want to stay longer. To extend your nonimmigrant visa, you must submit a request to the U.S. Form I-539, available through Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), costs around $370 (for you and your family with your application) and may cost an extra $85 for
Depending on the type of visa you already have, it may take 3–4 months before your request for a visa extension is approved. and we will also discuss about How To Apply Visitor Visa For US And Passed Interview.

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Student Visa

How To Apply Visitor Visa For US And Passed
Top 10 Best Tips How To Apply Visitor Visa For US And Passed Interview in 2023

F-1 Visa Examination Your resident status in the US is only valid while you are enrolled in approved colleges or other academic institutions on a permanent basis, which may take up to five years if you have a student visa that enables you to stay for up to five years. You must first apply for a student visa at the American Embassy or Consulate. After your application was accepted, you must receive approval from a student and exchange visitor program (SEVP). After that, the institution will provide you a Form I-20 and enroll you in its student and exchange visitor database (SEVIS). Once you have paid the $160 fee for a student visa application, you can book your interview.

How To Apply Visitor Visa For US And Passed
Top 10 Best Tips How To Apply Visitor Visa For US And Passed Interview in 2023


The prospective employer needs to file Form I-12 on your behalf, a petition for a nonimmigrant worker approved by USCIS. Before you proceed with your temporary worker visa application at the U.S. Embassy or consulate, please note that the work visa is applicable for those people who work short-term in the U.S. for a stated amount of time. This kind of visa does not allow you to work in the U.S. regularly or for good. Visa processing will take more or less 21 working days from the date received by the embassy. Your passport must be returned within 2 or 3 working days. An employment visa costs $190 and requires the following documents: An employment visa depends on how long the work permit expires. Most EADs are good for only one year. And once your employment visa expires, you need to stop working right away. and we will also focus about How To Apply Visitor Visa For US And Passed Interview.

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Based On My Experience. (I’m an OFW in Kuwait.)

How To Apply Nonimmigrant Visa For USA,

First create An Account

  • I create an account for my nonimmigrant visa application and probably fill out the DS-160 with true and accurate information from my supporting documents.

Second Payment Process

  • I received an email for my nonimmigrant visa application that contained a receipt which might expire in 4 days, a deposit sheet for the $160 nonimmigrant visa fee that I must print out and take to the bank, and bank information. I received a payment receipt from them. I then scan and upload the receipt in order to move on to the next step.

Third Interview Procedure

  • I researched at the available times on the calendar and determined which day might work much better for me to have the interview without feeling pressured.

My Preparation In My Upcoming Interview

How To Apply Visitor Visa For US And Passed
Top 10 Best Tips How To Apply Visitor Visa For US And Passed Interview in 2023

After finalizing my application and planning my interview, I initiate to research what the consular officials usually inquire about, what paperwork is required (passport, photo the size of a passport with a white background), and any other requirements. I also prepare bank statements, employment contracts, and my sister’s (a citizen) supporting documents in case they do. Dos and don’ts are also important. I was a little nervous about my interview’s performance the day of the interview. The consular official believed that I would travel to see my sister in the US and then, three months later, return to my homeland.

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Consular Officer Questions Tell me about yourself?

So here you need to prepare for your introduction.

How much are your monthly and yearly earnings? 

This question is a common one. They can ask you about your current salary and all about it.

job title?

You will tell the consular what is written in your working permit so that if he checks your supporting documents, then all is the same as you said.

Where exactly does your work take place?

Current Work Place

What is the name of your company? 

Sometimes they can also be about your company name.

How many months do you want to stay in the U.S.? 

This is a typical query, in my opinion. They will inquire as to how long you plan to spend in the USA, in days or months.

What’s the reason why you want to go to the U.S.? 

The most crucial query is this one. What brought you to the United States? You must possess confidence in it.

For how many years has your sister lived in the U.S.? 

They might ask questions about them if you have family there, so you should be ready for that.

All inquiries from consular officers. I responded, but it took some time since I felt sidetracked by other candidates who were also having interviews alongside me and who were speaking in a much louder voice than I was while I was whispering all the questions in a consular manner. The consular revealed the results to me after all the question and answer sessions, and he also said that I might apply again. The consular officer was not persuaded and was concerned that the information provided in the application accurately represented my qualifications, employment history, and reason for the visit when he then granted me pink papers.


So i hope now you have no question about How To Apply Visitor Visa For US And Passed Interview.

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