Barrio Granada De Cali Colombia Nightlife


Know about Barrio Granada De Cali Colombia Nightlife. Are you planning a trip? So read our article for full details. You can learn about nightlife in Cali, Colombia, by visiting Barrio Granada. Barrio Granada de Cali is the first neighborhood. Barrio Granada is an Art Deco neighborhood. Recently, it has become an upscale area for nightlife and dining. This barrio has countless delicious restaurants, nightclubs for dancing, and bars to enjoy cocktails and beers.

Barrio Granada De Cali Colombia Nightlife
Credit: Colombia(Barrio Granada De Cali Colombia Nightlife)

It also has high-end women’s clothing stores and handmade jewelry stores. Barrio Granada is the famous nightlife zone known as “La Sixta,” and this upscale neighborhood of Granada features the amazing, trendy Plazoleta Jairo Varela. a museum with famous salsa musician Varela, as well as an interactive musical sculpture and an arts cinema.

Barrio Granada De Cali Colombia Nightlife
Credit: Eltiempo

Barrio Granada De Cali Colombia Nightlife: The angular 1960s playhouse Teatro Calima hosts comedy, concerts, and dances. Nearby, the gardens of Simón Bolvar Kelly Park have shaded paths along the River Kelly, with a statue of Bolivar to the north. Back in the day, Cali was just a residential neighborhood in Columbia.

Barrio Granada De Cali Colombia Nightlife
Credit: Granada De Cali Colombia Nightlife)

Wealthy people built their houses here. Many years ago, a paisa named Fidel Lalin bought a bunch of land here, probably all of Barrio Granada. Sixth Avenue and North 13th Street in Barrio Granada, Cali, Colombia, are home to Gilberto Garrido Houses and Alvaro Loreda.

Barrio Granada De Cali Colombia Nightlife
Credit: Jala Jala Club

Also here is a very popular clubs such as Jala Jala Club and Topa Tolondra Club. La Topa Tolondra Cali is a popular salsa dance club in Colombia’s nightlife. You go there with your friends, and you are all amazed to see all the beautiful Colombian women dancing salsa. Cali, Colombia, is called the “Salsa Capital of the World!” So, of course, La Feria de Cali is the biggest salsa festival in the world and lasts for six days. If you go during festival time, it’s better. You can get full nightlife enjoyment.

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