10 Great California Mountain Views That Will Mesmerize You!


10 Great California Mountain Views That Will Mesmerize You, California has a lot of diversity in terms of hikes and mountain peaks. Here list of top10 Great Mountains

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1.Mount Shasta

10 Great California Mountain Views That Will Mesmerize You!

Mount Shasta, a premier landmark in northern California and southern Oregon, is an impressive sight. Massive volcanic eruptions build up an ice-capped mountain over thousands of years and still have the potential to erupt again. Standing at 14,179 feet, Mount Shasta is the second tallest mountain in the Cascade Range (behind Mount Rainier) and the largest stratovolcano in the range by sheer volume. Beyond the stats, though, Mount Shasta is a blast for hikers and winter sports enthusiasts.

2.Lassen Peak

10 Great California Mountain Views That Will Mesmerize You!

Hiking Lawson Peak | Highest Peak in Lawson
It is such a big national park. National Park Highlights, “Lawson Peak is one of the best hikes in Lawson Volcano National Park as it’s only a 5-mile hike and takes you to an amazing peak with beautiful views of the surrounding area.”

3.Mount Tallac 

10 Great California Mountain Views That Will Mesmerize You!

10 Great California Mountain Views

Mount Tallac is one of the most popular trails in all of Lake Tahoe. It’s easy to see because it’s a beautiful destination with crazy views from the top. The hike is 10 miles round trip with an elevation gain of 3,000 feet and is quite challenging, so make sure you are prepared for it.

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4.Clouds Rest

10 Great California Mountain Views That Will Mesmerize You!

Clouds Rest is a mountain northeast of Yosemite Village in Yosemite National Park, California. Although the park has many high peaks, Clouds Rest’s proximity to the valley gives it great visual value. 7.2-mile trail hike from Tioga Pass Road or a 9.4-mile trail hike from Happy Isles via Little Yosemite Valley This hike documents the route from Tioga Pass Road to the summit of Clouds Rest. Several technical routes are also available. Cloud’s Rest is a crevasse, a thin, almost knife-like ridge of rock formed when glaciers erode solid rock to form Taenia Valley and Little Yosemite Valley. The northwest face, mostly solid granite, rises 5,000 feet above Tenaya Creek.

5.White Mountains

10 Great California Mountain Views That Will Mesmerize You!

At 14,252 feet, White Mountain is a classic California 14er hike and the third-highest peak in California (just a few hundred feet below Mount Whitney). White Mountain Peak is popular for a reason, as the summit offers some of the best views of the Sierra Nevada in all of California, and the trail, although high in elevation, is never too technical (making it California’s first best). (Additional 14 if you’re looking for one!)However, the Eastern Sierras are known for their thunderstorms and lightning storms, and on this particular day, a thunderstorm was forecast until 1 p.m. This meant you needed to get up and down White Mountain fast because the last place you wanted to be hit by a lightning storm was at the top of a California 14er.

6.Mount Whitney

10 Great California Mountain Views That Will Mesmerize You!

Mount Whitney is one of the most popular hikes in America, which means not only is it one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever see, but it’s almost impossible to get a permit to hike it during peak season. It is impossible. Thankfully, the Mount Whitney permit lottery is only required for part of the year. And during the off-season, although a permit is required, there is no quota. The biggest challenge to hiking Mt. Whitney in the off-season is the weather; blizzards can make the trail icy, dangerous, and often impassable. There have very lovely moments 

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7.Telescope Peak

10 Great California Mountain Views That Will Mesmerize You!

If you’re looking for the best hike in Death Valley, Telescope Peak is a must! As the highest point in Death Valley, the summit offers views for hundreds of miles in all directions (to the highest and lowest points in America—all at the same time!). Also, if you’re planning a beautiful sunrise on the trail, Mahogany Flats Campground offers free car camping and tent camping at the Telescope Pack trailhead on a first-come, first-served basis. It beats camping in Death Valley and driving for two hours. up to the trailhead in the morning (and it’s pretty cool too!).

8.Mount San Jacinto

10 Great California Mountain Views That Will Mesmerize You!
Mount San Jacinto

San Jacinto Peak rises over 10,800 feet on the desert floor of Palm Springs, California. Although day hikers take the Palm Springs Tram just before the summit, the Marion Mountain Trail from Idyllville offers hikers a less-crowded and more rugged route to the summit. From Snow to Night, A Wonderful Day at San Jacinto National Monument

9.Sandstone Peak

10 Great California Mountain Views That Will Mesmerize You!

The hike to Sandstone Peak in Malibu, the high point of the Santa Monica Mountains, was worth the challenge. And if you love hiking and nature, check out the Sandstone Peak Trail in Malibu, California.

10.Half Dome

10 Great California Mountain Views That Will Mesmerize You!

Half Dome is one of Yosemite’s most famous climbs. But trying to get a permit to climb Half Dome is virtually impossible. While the Half Dome cables go up between the end of May and October each year, in the off-season the cable supports are removed, and the Half Dome is usually only summited with proper climbing gear and good weather conditions. Yosemite is absolutely beautiful in the spring, as the waterfalls are rapid. The Half Dome Hike takes you along the Mist Trail and passes Vernal Falls and Nevada Falls along the way, making it an absolutely spectacular hike!

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